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What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing. (Aristotle)

Day 9: Lazyness and Strictness

There is nothing like a mini heart-attack to begin your day.

I arrived to the office early this morning, ready and eager to face Scala yet again. However, my IDE had different ideas. As soon as I opened my project, everything went red. Every single line of code. 73 errors in a class that has 65 lines. Seriously? I sighed deeply, trying to maintain a calm exterior, while on the inside I was screaming.

It took me quite some time to finally get everything to work again. I tried everything that could possibly come to mind, but eventually the simplest solution did the trick. Yes, I turned the IDE off and on again. Once the project successfully compiled, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Now that everything was up and running, I dived into the next chapter of Functional programming in Scala book. Today’s topic: lazyness and strictness. Even though there was a lot of risk for the Friday lazyness to creep in, I managed to remain strict towards myself and get the chapter done, though at a slightly slower pace. But I was satisfied nonetheless. Any productive work done on a Friday afternoon is more than valuable.

The only thing left to do, before I go and have a beer with my fellow apprentices, is write a blog post and summarize my week. All in all, I’d say it was rather successful and productive. Instead of multi-tasking, I decided to focus all my attention on one thing, which was Scala. I tend to do that when I start something new, at least until I get confident with the basics. I plan to do something different next week and try to mix it up a bit. There is still quite a lot of Scala in store, but also some bash, testing, as well as a couple of katas and pair programming sessions.

Even though I am more than happy with my current knowledge of Scala, I also noticed that I am getting a bit too impatient with it. I can solve easier tasks without much problem, but I am still rather limited when it comes to more complex ones. Which is fine, of course. It takes time and a lot of practice to conquer a programming language. However, my perfectionist self tends to forget that fact every once in a while.

I think patience is a skill, and I tend to believe that I have a lot of it for others, but very little for myself. I guess that’s another thing I need to work on come Monday.

But now, the weekend awaits! Have a nice one! :)