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Day 80: Gathering The Requirements

A short update on how things are progressing…

In short: very well! Today we talked to IT Ops about the issue of authentication. They agreed to help us with it, so we won’t have to write the entire authentication from scratch. Not sure yet how this will work exactly - but hey - we’re here to learn! If all this doesn’t turn out to be too complicated to integrate, it will definitely save us a lot of time and allow us to work on other features.

Once we had all the information gathered and stakeholders identified, we proceeded onto writing a Requirements Document. For now it contains all ideas we collected so far, but the actual prioritization and road mapping will still need to happen tomorrow. Once that is done, I’ll share our plan on this blog as well :)

Our main non-functional attributes of interest are (for now): maintainability, extensibility and performance. It is of great importance that other people (besides Anastasia and me) will be able to maintain the code as well. Also, as the idea itself is very broad and can grow in so many ways, extending the application should not be too difficult. Performance, on the other hand, is always important; nowadays no one has the patience to use an app that loads slowly and has a low response time.

Additionally, we also sketched out the data model using the online ER Diagram tool. I thought it would be a good idea to visualize the data that our system will need to store. It will surely come in handy later on when we start setting up our database.

Finally, the document we created shall also serve as a README of our project on GitHub. We’ll set it up on Friday if everything goes according to plan.

In other news, the Press Release we wrote yesterday received very positive feedback and is slowly working its way up to the C-level. It makes me incredibly proud that people are excited about the idea and looking forward to seeing how it plays out in the end. This is exactly what gives me motivation to work hard and truly deliver value that I and (hopefully) many others see in it.

Fingers crossed that it works out!