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Day 50: Brace Yourselves, Scala is Coming

After a very enjoyable and eventful week over at the UX & Design team, this week I am doing something slightly different. Namely, our Marketing team was kind enough to let me crash at their office for a couple of days, so now I can officially say that my Business Phase is in full swing.

To tell you the truth, it’s been slightly weird dragging my stuff from desk to desk, from office to office. There are moments when I miss my apprenticeship island and fellow apprentices. As great as it is that I have a chance to get to know other departments and meet new people, nothing can compare with the comfort of my own desk and chair. I guess a similar thing happens when I travel; I am an adventurer at heart, and live for discovering beautiful, far-off places. But how I love to drink my coffee from my own mug in my own chair. How I love to be at home.

However, home will have to wait for another month and a half still, as there are things to do and departments to visit, before wrapping up the Business Phase. With that said, aside from living a nomad life here at the office, I am trying to keep up with my own backlog of stuff to learn. My shoulder is finally healed, and that can only mean one thing: after more than three weeks, the time has come to reunite with Scala.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about Scala in the meantime, and determine whether I liked it and wanted to continue with it. And truthfully, the more time I’ve spent away from it, the more my wish for something different started to grow. I don’t know why I haven’t been able to get properly attached to Scala, to be honest. I tried, I truly did. So many times. We had our ups and downs - moments when I found it nothing short of awesome, but also moments when it made me incredibly frustrated. Since I ran to JavaScript whenever the latter happened, I’d say it is becoming clearer every day that JavaScript is the one for me, instead.

But still, I had a goal, and that goal involved learning a new programming language. I am not someone who gives up easily - not on goals, not on people, and certainly not on programming languages. I still have stuff yet to explore in more detail: Akka-Http, Akka-Streams, practicing purely functional state, designing libraries, and so on. Lots of work to do, and not so much time, but I’ll make it work.

So I brace myself yet again - winter is coming, and Scala comes with it.