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What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing. (Aristotle)

Day 40: Planning The Business Phase

It’s the third month of my apprenticeship and also a start of a whole new phase - The Business Phase. For those unfamiliar with it, this is a two-month phase where you get to visit different departments in the company (and not only tech ones!), meet the people, learn what they do and see which part of the HolidayCheck universe is theirs to make it shine.

I had to postpone the move to my first department, as my shoulder still hasn’t healed entirely (and I’d love to be able to spread both my wings when that moment comes). But all is well nonetheless. I get to stay at the apprenticeship island for one more week, and with the amazing company there, that’s never a bad thing!

Anyways, come Monday I’ll be joining the UX & Design team, which makes me particularly happy. I’ve never been any good at the design stuff, even though I’ve always been fascinated by it. I was always the one getting creative for what lies behind the hood, while I left the exterior design to those more talented than me for that sort of thing. Had a few attempts, though. Most turned out to be miserable. But that made me appreciate what these people do even more. To be honest, I’m not sure why UX & Design hasn’t been so popular with the apprentices so far. For me, it’s where all the magic happens. (Or, at least, the visible part of magic.)

Then the week after that I’ll be joining the Marketing team. They do different sort of magic, but not by any means less fascinating. I guess they are the backbone of the whole system; you can have a beautifully designed and beautifully built app, but it is the people that make it successful after all. The Marketing team brings the people to us, and try their best to make them stay. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do it, even though I’m slightly worried that my very modest German language skills will stand in the way of me doing so.

The week at the Marketing team will wrap up my 2018., so I will continue wandering around the departments after we are back from the Finland conference in January. There will be about three weeks left for me then for visiting (mostly) tech teams, and hopefully one team at a different location (Poznan seems the most viable option at the moment). My goal is mostly to see how the guys organize themselves on a daily basis; see how Scrum works, see how Kanban works, attend their meetings and mob programming sessions, get to know which tools and languages they use, etc. It will be my first encounter with a real, not-artificially-created-for-the-University-purposes team of software engineers, and just the tought of it makes me too excited for words.

Not that I didn’t enjoy the Learning Phase (after all, learning is what I enjoy most), but I’m happy that something new is waiting for me around the corner. Every new beginning brings with itself new opportunities and new challenges; I’ll get to meet new people, shadow those much more experienced than me, and learn so much from it all, every single day.

So bring on the Business Phase! I’m ready!