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What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing. (Aristotle)

Day 36: A Bump In The Road

So during the weekend I managed to injure my shoulder and end up in the emergency room - not exactly something I would call a fun weekend, but you have to take what comes your way, I guess. Therefore my post today will be quite short, as I’m still getting used to typing with only my left hand (I’m also right-handed, to make matters worse). In any case, I’ll give my best to make it work regardless.

With that said, I had to readjust my schedule a bit in order to adapt to this unwelcome change; as typing proved to be quite a struggle (I even tried googling for one-hand typing tips, but didn’t have much success) - I turned to reading. Given that Building Microservices by Sam Newman was sitting at the top of my backlog anyways, it seemed like a perfect choice. I managed to partially read / skim through the first four chapters today, and I was both happy and surprised that I found most of the topics the book covered quite familiar. I won’t go into much detail on that today, but the rest of my week will be dedicated mostly to microservices and software design in general, so my next posts will reflect that too, I promise.

On another note, I had to postpone my talk on visual regression testing for next week. Nevertheless, I am working hard to make it as good as possible, and interesting enough for anyone that wishes to attend. I talked to many different people about their experiences with visual regression testing, found out how it’s done in HolidayCheck and using what tools, etc. Now I have to organize these thoughts and plan a small demo, and then I’m all set.

I realize now how much I took for granted the ability to type with both hands; it’s been only three paragraphs and I already feel tired, so I have to wrap it up. It sucks, as I would write so much more. But that’s ok. I try to look at it as a small setback; a bump on the road, and no more. There are plenty of positive stuff that can stem from this mishap. I’ll get to do more pair programming. I’ll do less typing, but more talking.

And perhaps I’ll even learn how to type with one hand :)